Bible Reading

Read Bible every day. Three reading plans that you can choose from.


Famous Prayers to reflect on and requests for Prayers.

Praise Songs

Wonderful hymns and praise songs helps you get closer to God.

Faith Sharing

See other's sharing of faith including their favorite verses.

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May your day be filled with God’s blessing! helps you in your daily walk with God. This site has  favorite verses,  testimony, reflections, multimedia content that will help you in spending time with God in a regular basis.

Each day, do these simple three steps, then you will have an amazing power of God with you!

#1-Read the Word of God

#2-Meditate on what God is telling you,

#3-Pray to God for what God wants you to do.

Please browse around for more contents such as prayer resources and praise/hyms to help you for during your quiet time with God.

If you would like to share your prayer requests for team to pray for you, please submit your prayer: “Prayer Request“.

If you have any questions, please email to

May God bless your day, everyday! counselor