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About Bible Reading 365

Bible Reading 365:

When you have a daily time to read the Bible throughout the year, you will have an amazing experience of being able to live in God’s word every day. Here are more information about the Bible Reading Plans:

Reading Plans Cycle, Frequency Information
Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan One year, Daily except on Sundays This plan covers old and new testaments together, interleaved to help you understand great insight about how each books are connected and overall understanding of the Bible.
Bible Reading Plan from ESV One year, Daily Bible verses are chosen to help you to do QT each day. Starting with books with Praise(Psalm). This will give better insights on overall Bible Knowledge.
Book Order Bible Reading Plan Once Year, Daily This plan covers from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 in the order in which the books of the Bible are arranged.
Lent Bible Verses During Lenten Season Only, Weekly These list of Bible verses help you to participate in how Jesus suffers for our sins leading to the resurrection(The Easter Week).
Advent Season Bible Verses During December Only, Weekly These Bible verses help you to expect the coming of Jesus Christ.