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BibleLive.Org is the place for sharing your favorite verses, prayers, testimony, or reflections that you experience in your daily walk with God. Our goal of is simply to provide you contents that will help you with daily walk with God. This site content is updated by through users like you. Your contribution will be appreciated.¬†Please feel free to post and share! We are committed to put ONLY contents that will help you in daily walk with God…no ads…just contents related to God’s Words. This site is only all about God and you: 1)the Word of God, 2)resources for quiet time with God, and 3)sharing of your faith experience with other members. May you get closer to God every day and may God bless you! Thank you! Counselor-¬† ¬† p.s. Please sign up and login to be able to contribute contents. Let us know if you have trouble using the site or any contents.