Hannah’s Faith, I Samuel 1:1-28

This past Sunday morning, we meditated on I Samuel Chapter 1 at our family worship time.  God pounded my heart  with three awakening facts through Elkanah’s wife Hannah’s immeasurable trust in the Lord. Firstly, I should not judge anyone with only what I can see.  Priest Eli misunderstood Hannah’s silent prayer as an unacceptable habit of a drunkard.  I, too, often scold at other people especially at my two sons with my preconceived notion.  And I end up provoking them or making them to reverse their good intentions. Secondly, I should pour out my heart to the Lord not to men as Hannah did.  At the misconceived scolding of Priest Eli, Hannah replies, “Not so, my lord, I am a woman who is deeply troubled……have been praying here out of my great anguish and grief.” Many times, I pour out my heart to persons whom I think are trustworthy and would be of help to relieve my troubled heart. But soon, I regret my foolish resort and go back to the Lord.  From here on, oh Lord, I’ll come to you first for you will never disappoint me.  Then, the fruit will be Thy wisdom and I may leave only loving words to Thy beloveds’ hearts. Thirdly, I should be a person who keeps own promises.  Hannah offers her son Samuel to the Lord as she promised.  She probably had insurmountable pain to give up on her precious son.  What a woman of faith she is!  I dare to say she is well comparable to Abraham.  She acknowledges that every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17) including her son Samuel. How different she is than I am!  Because unless I am constantly reminded, I miserably fail to remember the fact that everything is His and I am His steward.

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