Seek Yi First the Kingdom of God- a recollection at silver anniversary

While I was waiting my husband to finish putting some gas into the car, I plugged few strands of impatient gray hair that came out through my freshly darkened hair.  Until I got married, I was like a deer running up and down the hill without any hesitation.  I used to drive an old red station wagon with full of church youths through the infamous canyons of Payson in Arizona.  Back then, my short hair was healthy and shiny, and of course without any gray. At this moment, after 25 years of marriage, I, with salt and peppered hair- if not colored- put up, am sitting next to my husband.  In a few minutes, we will be driving along the road to Lake Tahoe in Northern California which is so similar to the road to Payson Valley.  Then, I would be able to enjoy a simple yet fantastic feast of reminiscence as I reopen each page of our 25 year old memoir.  Just the thought about it made my eyes wet. 25 years ago on a very hot day of mid August, we, the two very young naive souls, got married.  We didn’t care about the fiery heat, nor the poor finance.  We were just happy to be together.  The officiating minister told us, “The world that you will face won’t be like a rose garden, you will inevitably have to confront with many afflictions and adversities.  But in any circumstance, always  ‘Seek Yi First Kingdom of God(Matthew 6:33)’, then our Lord will take good care of you.”  To this message we simply answered, “Sure, we will do that, no problem as long as we can be together.”  Then we made that verse as out Family Motto.  And there were three wedding gifts which we stubbornly carried along with us wherever we went.  Those were two framed Bible verses, one with ‘The Lord is My Shepherd; I shall not want(Psalm 23:1)’ and the other with ‘Commit your way to the Lord. Trust also in Him. And He shall bring it to pass(Psalm 37:5).’  And another one was a picture ‘Angelus’ painted by Jean Francois Millet framed by my sister who was then a starving college student working her heart out to make her tuition and allowance. As I recollect our 25 years, we didn’t do anything but just carrying those few wedding gifts around.  That was all we did.  At the time we had our first son; while we were moving around many places according to the jobs; when we got our second son;  at the times we inevitably had to move to different churches, all we did was trying our best to hang on to those verses.  Really that was all we did.  And today as I was recollecting, I realized that our God must have liked the naivety very much.   As I had put all of my possession in to a very naive young man, rejecting all the other capable much more mature bachelors, it seemed like our Lord put all of His in to us.  For all the years we were together, we’d never felt that we didn’t have enough.  I couldn’t think of anything to complain.  I was just content as the way it was.  Still, we are not rich, we are not famous, we don’t have power.  However, my husband, two sons and me, we all love in Christ in joy or sorrow.  We all are striving to do our best in our daily lives.  What more can anyone want?  Without our Lord’s blessing, this couldn’t be possible.  I felt so thankful.  I thanked God from the bottom of my heart. After a quiet sunset dinner, we started to head back home.  From this moment on, we will try our best to make another set of life’s memoir – a little more mature one this time, to be able to stop everything and quietly bow down our heads at the sound of the evening bell just like the couple in the ‘Angelus.’


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