Warrior of Prayer – I King 17-19

For year 2010,  my new year’s resolution was to become a warrior of prayer.  As I face another new year, 2011, here I am sat down to make a new year’s resolution to be a prayer warrior again.  Because of an unsatisfactory result of the past or never fulfilling nature of the task which I can’t tell, but somehow, I feel I need to renew this particular one for many many more years.  At a recent revival gathering of a local church, the speaker gave a powerful message about prayer using Prophet Elijah as an excellent role model.  The message points were:

1. Hardships or obstacles make people to pray. (17:1)

2. The essence of prayer is the heart of the praying person.

3. The warriors of prayer make challenges to impossibles. (18:19)

4. Faith is a must to have for a prayer warrior. (18:37-38, Eph. 6:16)

5. People of prayer never refuse cross. (18:22)

6. Warriors of prayer can recognize the sign of emerging blessings from God. (18:41)

7. Thus, let us be one of the 7000 reserved prayer warriors.  (19:18) Oh, yes Lord help me to be a stronger warrior of prayer for this year.

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